Nowadays there are all sorts of people out there giving out advice on how to survive. They come from all walks of life, preachers, educators, writers and housewives. Dose this makes them qualified in disaster preparedness? If you need to prepare for any type of emergency you want someone who has been in the field, have treated the wounded, given CPR, someone who knows what it means to be in a disaster.

Mr. Tim Howard has been in the Disaster Preparedness field since 1985.  He has been involved with conflicts and disasters to include Panama invasion, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, 911 terrorist attacks, Iraq, Afghanistan, Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis. 

Tim’s career has taken him throughout the world. His experience and leadership has been called upon for some very important project. Within weeks after the 911 Attacks the US Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service, recruited him to help form the US Department of Homeland Security. Tim has been consulted by federal, state and local governments on matters of preparedness and safety. Mr. Howard currently uses his leadership as the Chairman of the Arizona Federal Health and Safety Council and is the President of the USA Emergency Broadcasting Network.

Mr. Howard developed the radio talk show Common Sense Preparedness not to increase fears, or sell a product, but to bring you reliable facts about disasters, Natural, man-made and personal. This non-political talk show became one of the top rated talk show about preparedness within 24 months. During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Common Sense Preparedness was able to provide up to the minute emergency information to the general public and directly assisted over 12 families in the disaster area with information and communication links to other family members. Due to this incident Mr. Howard then turned his attention on developing an internet radio network that would be there to educate the general public about disasters and be able to bring government and non-government organizations together to provide up to the minute information during time of disasters.

USA Emergency Broadcasting Network is fast becoming the only reliable, variable disaster information source on the internet.  Instead of covering items that are based in propaganda or fear, the network brings you information on how to manage a disaster for a family. Mr. Howard has been able to bring professional responders from all over the field, Law Enforcement, NOAA Storm Spotters, Government Officials, food safety professionals, firefighters and construction professionals to the radio network in order to give professional advice and education to the general public.

Some more of Mr. Howard Professional background – experience 



2012 – Pres.    President (Founder) USA Emergency Broadcasting Network

2007 – Pres.    Area Safety Manager, US Department of Homeland Security,

2003 – 2007    US Department of Homeland Security, ICE (Founding member)

2001 – 2003    US Department of Justice, INS

1999 – 2001    Hewlett Packard, Computer Tech

1991 – 1993    US Department of Justice, INS

1990 – 1999    US Air Force, Chemical / Biological Warfare Instructor

1986 – 1990    US Air Force / NSA, Electronic Warfare Spec.



Committees / Memberships

2016 – Present            Southern Gila County (AZ) CERT Team, Director

2015 – Present            US Department of Homeland Security Surge Capacity Force, Member

2005 – Present            Arizona Federal OSHA Council, Chairman

2005                            Veteran of Foreign Wars VFW (Member) 

1999                            American Legion (Member)

 1993 – 1995                Old Crow’s Nests, Member

1984 – 1985                Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ (JA Program) Member


Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

2017    Chesapeake (Maryland) Safety Council (OSHA General Industry Instructor)

2017    FEMA Surge Force (Volunteer Hurricane Harvey Recovery)

2017    Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA Disaster Response Operations)

2017    Texas A&M (Weapons of Mass Destruction Operational Response Certificate)

2017    Texas A&M (Hazardous Material Operational Responder Certificate)

2017    Texas A&M (Hazardous Material First Responder Certificate) *Recert.

2016    FEMA (CERT Instructor Training)

2016    FEMA (CERT Management Training)

2016    FEMA (CERT Search and Rescue Training)

2016    FEMA (CERT Medical Triage Training)

2015    FEMA (National Response Plan Certificate)

2015    Central Illinois Preparedness (Request to lecture at Chicago Event)

2015    San Tan Valley Association (Requested to Lecture)

2015    National Weather Service (Weather Spotter / Storm Chaser Training) *Recert.

2014    New Jersey Emergency Preparedness Association (Speaker)

2014    New Jersey Emergency Managers Committee (Speaker – Atlantic City, NJ)

2014    NATO Preparedness Conference (Requested to Lecture)

2014    US Center for Disease Control (Ebola Teleconference Member)

2013    US White House Office of the President (Teleconference Member)

2013    US Center for Disease Control (Flu Preparedness Teleconference Member)

2013    FEMA (Subject of Article in inauguration preparedness newsletter)

2013    US Congress Service Award (Award from Arizona Congressman)

2013    Glen Beck National TV Show (Appearance as a Disaster Preparedness Expert)

2012    FEMA Region II (Special thanks received for broadcasting work during Hurricane Sandy)

2012    Las Vegas Preparedness Show (Speaker)

2012    Arizona Preparedness Show (Speaker)

2012    Requested to speak at various 9-11 events in New Jersey and New York. 

2011    KJAA Radio (Special Thanks for assistance on local Wildfires)

2010    NOAA / National Weather Service (Storm Chaser Certification)

2009    US Center for Disease Control (Pandemic Team Member)

2009    US Public Health Service (Pandemic Teleconference Member)

2006    University of California – San Diego (Electrical Safety Certificate)

2005    JLG (Forklift trainer certification)

2005    Hurricane Rita Response Support member

2005    Hurricane Katrina Response Support Member

2004    US Department of Homeland Security (Arizona Border Control Initiative Certificate)

2004    American Red Cross (Staff Instructor)

2004    US Fire Administration (NIMS Certification)

2004    US Fire Administration (ICS Certification)

2004    National Safety Council (Speaker Certificate)

2003    US Department of Labor (Safety Officer Certification)

2003    US Department of Homeland Security (Founding Member Certificate)

2002    Florence Rotary Club (Firefighter award)

2001    Hazlet, NJ Police Department (Support functions during 9-11)

2000    Arizona University (UA Manager – Corrections)

1999    US Air Force (Honorable Discharge)

1998    State of Arizona (Staff Instructor Certification)

1998    AZ State Prison (Employee of the Month)

1993    State of Arizona (Hazmat First Responder)

1993    US Air Force (Hazardous Waste Certification)

1992    US Department of Justice (Certificate of Appreciation)

1992    US Air Force (Hazmat Certificate)

1992    US Air Force (Disaster Preparedness Specialist Certification)

1991    Veteran – Operation Desert Storm

1990    US Air Force (Obtained Security Clearance Nuclear Alert Status / B52s)

1989    Veteran – Panama Invasion (Operation Just Cause)

1988    Veteran – West Berlin Deployment

1987    Veteran – Cold War Ribbon

1987    US Air Force (Obtained Security Clearance Top Secret / SBI Level 5)

1986    US Air Force (Electronic Warfare Specialist Certification)